Advertiser's FAQ
What is Viboom?
Viboom is a global system helping video creators and ad agencies promote their videos.
Where do the views come from?
The views come from web sites and Google Ads. Viboom takes care of everything, including quality control and ad campaign analytics.
How much does one view cost?
You can see the current price during the creation of the campaign.
How are the video players placed?
Usually players are placed as separate posts or inside the posts, above or below the main content of the site. And also in Discovery and In-Stream formats on YouTube.
Which countries will watch my video?
It depends on the region or countries you chose during the creation of your campaign. If you don't specify any targeting options the views come mostly from USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.
How to create a new campaign?
1. Paste a video URL and select the targeting options.
2. Pay for the amount of views you have ordered.
3. Your video will be added into rotation on the sites in our network.
5. You will then be able to see all the statistics and campaign's progress inside your user console.
Will I have a personal console showing my campaign statistics?
Yes, you will have an access to your personal console that shows detailed statistics of views. Data is updated in real time.
Do I pay for unique views only?
Yes, you pay for unique views only.
What reports will I get?
You will get reports in form of charts and tables containing the following data:
- Overall campaign performance statistics
- Number of views and impressions
- Data on audience demographics and geographics
What payment methods do you have?
You can pay for the services using any convenient method: Visa/MasterCard/American Express card or PayPal.
What if my question is not listed in this FAQ?
You can reach us at с We will be happy to answer any question you may have.