A Comprehensive Guide for Using Music in YouTube Video


When using music in YouTube videos people often use copyrighted music. This is not the problem; the problem is using copyrighted music without the owner’s consent.

Can you use copyrighted music on YouTube? Yes, but you need to follow an authorized code of conduct is mandatory. When uploading a YouTube video with any music playing in the background, there are strict YouTube copyright music rules.

When using music in a YouTube video, many YouTubers don’t realize the consequences if it is copyrighted. Fair warning–YouTube takes copyright violations very seriously and can immediately take down the video and suspend your channel. So, be cautious when using copyrighted music on YouTube, if you don’t follow the best legal practices it may as well be your last upload from that channel.

If you want, don’t forget to check out YouTube’s free audio library. There are a great many music and sound effects for you to choose from, without having to worry about running afoul. It’s music designed and kept for content creators, and you will probably get something you want.
If you are looking to use music and sound from other sources, here are the questions you are probably asking. How many seconds of copyrighted music can I use on YouTube? How to not get copyrighted on YouTube? How do you use copyrighted music?

This guide answers all these questions to help you avoid any copyright infringements.

Using Music in YouTube Video Without Suspension

Before you receive a copyright strike on YouTube or if you have already received one, this guide will help you keep hold of your YouTube account. It will also tell you how to resolve a copyright strike. So, if you want to know how to legally use copyrighted music on YouTube you’ve come to the right place.

Copyright strikes can negatively impact your YouTube channel, so it is necessary to know the guidelines for using music on YouTube. If you want to use music in YouTube videos, follow the YouTube music copyright rules. However, in some exceptions, YouTube may allow the use of copyrighted music. The analyzing factors of fair use are,
●    The purpose and character of the use
●    The amount of music used 
●    Effect of the use on the value of the copyrighted work

There is an easy alternative if you only want to know how to use music on YouTube and are open to suggestions. If you want to simply add background music to your video, you can use one of the many free music entries YouTube offers in its library. 

Misconceptions for Using Music in YouTube Video

Don’t think that you can use any commercial music in your video. No magical words guarantee that you are safe from the legalities accompanied by the copyrighted music you used in your video. Let’s see some of the common misconceptions and set the facts straight,
●    Giving credit to the copyright owner validates your use
●    A disclaimer before the video authorizes the use of copyrighted content
●    Everything’s okay if you do it for entertainment 
●    Adding a little original content to someone else’s copyrighted work makes it fair

The following table tells you which of the statements you’ve come across are facts and which aren’t true.

1.    Giving credit to the owner makes it fair use.                                                                            False
2.    A disclaimer before the video gives you the right to use any commercial music.             False
3.    You can reuse music from videos that have a Creative Commons License.                      True

3 Best Practices for Using Music in YouTube Video

YouTube and its judges look at a few things to decide whether someone uploaded the video with copyrighted music.

1.    Use music within the public domain
Music under copyright protection falls under the public domain after a certain duration. Any music in the public domain is free to use. At present music before 1922 falls under this category.

2.    Get permission from the owner
The question “Hot to use copyrighted music on YouTube?” has a simple answer–get the legal owner to authorize your use. Obtain the license(s) to use a song that is not yet in the public domain.

3.    Reuse music with a Creative Commons License
A Creative Commons certificate allows YouTubers to mark their videos with the CC-BY license making it available for anyone to use.  
So, now you know that using commercial music in YouTube videos is against YouTube’s and the US copyright policy. Be wary and make sure you read the best practices to know how to not get copyrighted.

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