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Top 7 Simple Steps to Promote Your Music Video on YouTube


Creating a music video is just one part of it. You need people to watch it – and to do that, you need to do more than just creating relevant content.  This ultimate guide to a successful viral music video will help you know just what you need to succeed.

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The Top 10 YouTube Video Ideas for Your Channel in 2020


If you are struggling to find engaging YouTube video ideas, this is the place to be. We have ten great ideas for YouTube videos that will leave viewers wanting more. Simply pick one that suits your style of video-making and let the magic happen.

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Top 3 YouTube Advertising Formats in 2020


Videos are one of the most popular types of online content. Other popular content formats include texts, audios, and images. The domain on which the content hosts is important when it needs exposure.  According to statistics, YouTube ranks second when

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The 6 Most Helpful Tips for Becoming a YouTuber in 2020


So, you’ve made your mind to become a YouTuber? Amazing! But don’t think the road to success is easy for YouTubers. Sure, you get fame and money IF you succeed. But not everyone can become an overnight sensation on YouTube. Are you still determined?

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The 7 Most Trending Types of YouTube Videos in 2020


Finding the single, most interesting type of YouTube videos is not possible. Millions of YouTube users love viewing different types of content from their homepage. There are hundreds of YouTube video categories to choose from. But which of them are sure

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The Best Time to Post on YouTube Revealed


You made an unbelievable video with the potential to engage millions of people. But it didn't get the attention it deserved. It gets you worried, right? What am I doing wrong? Why aren’t my videos getting views? Am I not cut out for being a YouTuber?

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The 6 Best 30 Second Video Clips on YouTube for Your Reference


People upload more than 500 hours of videos on YouTube every minute. Naturally, the videos face tough competition in getting the attention of viewers. In such a scenario, many YouTubers are focusing on making short videos to woo their audience.

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7 Videographer Brief Tips to Write the Best Video Brief in the Industry


Are you looking forward to making a video? Then you must have considered writing a video brief! Video briefs lay the foundation of your video production. A video brief tells what you want from the video and leaves cues for producers and the crew to pick

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Expert Suggestions to Choose the Best YouTube Microphone


YouTube is not for amateurs anymore. You can, of course, start your channel and record videos with your cell phone, but that's probably not going to work. Your videos will most likely get only a few views with sparse subscribers. Most YouTubers have

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Best Life Hacks and Tips For Your YouTube Channel Promotion