The 7 Most Trending Types of YouTube Videos in 2020


Top 7 Types of YouTube Videos in 2020

Finding the single, most interesting type of YouTube videos is not possible. Millions of YouTube users love viewing different types of content from their homepage. There are hundreds of YouTube video categories to choose from. But which of them are sure to appeal to the viewers?

From amazing video tutorials to videos of animals doing crazy things. YouTube has it all.

The most important question here is:

What type of YouTube videos get viewed most?

To solve your dilemma, we’ve listed the seven most popular types of YouTube videos. If you’re looking for inspiration to create your first video, there’s no place better.

So, let’s find out what different types of YouTube videos are the viewers loving in 2020 and why. 

1.    Gaming Videos

Man playing Call of Duty on the desktop

Of course, it’s 2020!

It makes sense that one of the first video categories we’ll discuss is gaming videos. The audience loves watching gamers in action. The most popular topics on YouTube are the Let’s Play videos.

What is so special about the ‘Let’s Play’ category?

These videos show screen recordings of the YouTuber’s playing a game on any device. Fortnite, Clash of Clan, PUBG, and Grand Theft Auto are some of the top categories on YouTube. The recordings feature an ongoing commentary from the gamer. This draws in many viewers. It gives the users a peek of the player's personality. And if they're funny bonus points.

2.    Unboxing Videos

A man opening a box with headphones

These types of YouTube videos are extremely popular right now. People rely on product reviews before they buy a product which they’re unsure about. This is a great marketing strategy if you want to promote your products and services. It is more likely that the user will purchase a product after watching a positive YouTube video. 

If you’re asking yourself “What YouTube video should I make?”, consider product reviews.

A very popular subcategory in the YouTube categories list is unboxing videos. You don’t even need to be the manufacturer. Simply buy products that are trending and show your viewers. From the minute you get the package to the final product. It gives them a clear picture of what to expect from the product. Explain the features and make the video entertaining.

For example, Unbox Therapy is a channel on YouTube that has over 16 million subscribers. What do they do? 

They unbox cool gadgets that people would want. This fuels the viewer's interest in their channel. It keeps them wanting another product review, another unboxing from them. 

3.    Haul Videos

Have you thought about showing off your latest shopping spree to a million YouTubers?

If not, you’re missing out. 

It may sound silly (maybe it is) but viewers love these videos. They are among the most popular YouTube topics this year. 

Ever come across a haul video on YouTube?

Yes, you have. They’re in the trending section every day.  

The idea is very simple-Buy things, and show the users what you bought. Fashion, tech, or even the best items in Walmart. Wherever you shop, take your viewers with you. 

The best part comes after you’ve gained enough subscribers. Once your popularity increases, you won’t be buying most things that you show off. How?

When you generate enough views, brands start showering you with gifts. Which of course you must include in your videos. Its great publicity for them and free products for you. So, it’s a win-win. Get services like Viboom to boost your YouTube views. 

4.    How-to Videos

A whiteboard with questions

The most popular how-to videos have millions of views on them. So, the next spot on our list goes to How-to videos. These are the YouTube variant of Googling things to know what they are. How-to videos are among the most popular topics on YouTube. There are hundreds, even thousands of YouTube video types.

Two things draw users to these types of videos on YouTube.

1.    They need assistance.
2.    They want a video tutorial.

Finding paragraphs or large articles telling you how to do stuff is a big set off for users. YouTube videos, however, are very easy with the step-by-step approach. The users can look at how you’re doing something and replicate it exactly. 

5.    Cooking Videos

Classic homemade burger

Cooking YouTube channel categories show you how to make food. It becomes very simple to follow a recipe when you watch the chef making it. With cooking videos, viewers can say goodbye to complex ancient cooking methods. 

But I can’t cook!

That’s what you’re thinking, right?

You can mix two of the most popular YouTube genres-Cooking and Funny. Try recreating dishes and share with users your experience.

6.    Vlogs

Vlogs are one of the most popular categories on YouTube. You’ve seen different types of YouTube channels and we’re sure you’ve seen a vlog.

Vlogs are video blogs and give you the freedom to do whatever you want. Put yourself out there, give viewers a glimpse of your life. What you eat, what you love doing, who you meet-basically, anything that you do. But it is important to keep your vlog focused on a niche. Otherwise, you may end up confusing the audience.

So, if you’re wondering what kind of YouTube videos should I make? Try vlogging. 

Fair warning, it’s not for camera conscious people. 

7.    Funny Videos

Left the most obvious type of videos on YouTube for the last. Most YouTube users are looking for such categories of YouTube videos. Something funny, something that makes them laugh out loud. It can be anything. Even silly reactions of your pet to a cucumber.  

If you can create funny skits, even better. For people with the funny bone in their body, this is one of the best YouTube video genres. 

Whatever you choose, make sure that you engage the viewers with great content. This keeps them around by hitting the subscribe button. 

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