The 6 Best 30 Second Video Clips on YouTube for Your Reference


The 6 Best 30 Second Video Examples You Need to Watch

People upload more than 500 hours of videos on YouTube every minute. Naturally, the videos face tough competition in getting the attention of viewers. In such a scenario, many YouTubers are focusing on making short videos to woo their audience.

Short videos like 30-sec video clips generally get more views than long videos. People just want to watch a 30-second video, get the information they need, and move on.

Now, you must be thinking of how you can fit your whole content in a 30-second video clip. We understand your concern and want to show that even 30-second videos can increase views and subscriptions. 

We will give 6 examples of 30-second explainer videos that pack a great punch! They will give you some 30-second video ideas you can try for your project. Let's start with our first participant!

Average video lengths on various platforms

1. Loop-Loc Pool Cover 30 Second Video

Here is an example of what you can do in a 30-sec video clip. Made for promotion, the video uniquely captures-

●    Customer pain points
●    What they need
●    What to look out for

The voiceover adopts a friendly tone to form an instant connection with the viewers. The visuals also create an impact on the audience and use smooth transitions for high appeal.  

You can take a cue from this Loop-Loc pool cover video and come up with your own explainer video. Just remember to keep things simple and not to overload your short video with too many ideas.


2. Coind 30 Sec Video Clip

Coind decided to do what no one in their domain does-

Unique Animation

The digital currency agency Coind used animation for its solution, which is unique in the cryptocurrency domain. They ideally captured the Wild West to promote their service.

Cool Voiceovers

Each character has their own voices and appeal. This helps the audience relate to the video in an improved way.

The USPs

Coind effectively captures the USP of its service within 30 seconds in the video. Moreover, they have room left for including a few frames just to make their explainer more appealing. 

You can really learn a thing or two from this 30-second clip.


3. Asset Financial Services 30 Sec Clip

Asset Financial Services has done what most people can't do in their short videos. They have captured the attention of viewers, explained everything beautifully, and ended with a good CTA.

The video also quickly identifies and attracts its target customers-

●    Those who want to retire
●    People who own properties
●    People who handle their own taxes

The 30-second explainer video eliminates any complicated stuff. They explain everything quickly and effectively so that the viewer doesn't have any confusion. The video creators also add a human touch with the animated hands doing the financial work.

Sometimes, simplicity appeals more than a 10-minute long video with complex stuff!


4. Veruna Clean Water 30 Second Explainer

We have so much water, yet only a small percentage of it is drinkable. Veruna is one of the 30 seconds of video clips that grabs instant attention. How?

●    It states the problem in the opening of the video
●    Explains what needs to be done
●    Ends the video with how you can help

30 seconds don't seem too short for the makers of the video. They have suitably trimmed down the dangers of unclean water in just a few seconds without missing crucial details. 

A great way to make the most of your short video is to start with a plan.


5. Trace Solutions 30 Seconds Video

Employee management the top concern of any company. There are so many processes and functions that one might get really confused. 

However, Trace Solutions had done a good job of capturing the pain points as soon as the video begins. Then they offer the solutions and explain them well, all within 30 seconds. 

The creators end the video with instructions where you can get more information. You can too share links and webpages at the end of your 30-sec videos if the time is not enough to cover everything.


6. Neat Streets App Explainer Video

Sometimes we forget the whole purpose behind making 30-second video clips. The idea should always be to deliver your core message in the best way.

Neat Streets App neatly captures this approach and blends it in their short video. Just watch the video to see how you can get your message over to your audience in unique ways. Then you can use the inspiration for making your own 30 seconds videos.

We leave you with an infographic to make great 30 sec clips-

Make great 30 second videos


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