A Guide to Using Music on YouTube: How to Get Permission for Copyright Songs


How to Get Permission for Using Copyrighted Music in Your YouTube Videos?

Sometimes, the stock music and free downloads don't suffice. You need to use an original song or track for your videos, short films, or animations. You choose a song and then find out - "I do not own the rights to this music!"

What happens next?

Using music in YouTube videos is a common practice. However, using copyrighted music on YouTube without permission can land you in trouble. How copyright works on YouTube is a bit complex, but not rocket science. 

Today, we are going to find out how copyrighted songs work on YouTube. Then we will tell you how to legally use copyrighted music. In the end, we will share some ways on how to copyright a song for free. 

Which Song Can You Use on YouTube

Using music on YouTube comes with a bit of hard work. You can't just pick any song and put it in your video. That might infringe copyright acts!

Strictly speaking, you can use any song on YouTube videos - as long as you have permission! We will discuss how to get copyright permission in a bit. Before that here are a few ways to use music in YouTube video for free-

Music in Public Domain

Is this song copyrighted

How to get rights to a song the easy way?

Just use songs in the public domain with expired copyright. You may be able to freely use the song. However, the recorded track might still be copyrighted. Check the laws of specific countries of copyright.

Creative Commons License

Music under Creative Commons license is free to use. However, you might need to follow certain restrictions like giving credits. 

What Happens for Using Music on YouTube that Is Copyrighted

Consequences of using copyrighted music

Is this song copyrighted? What happens if I use it?

You don't need to worry about, "I do not own the rights to this song" if you keep the video offline. However, using copyrighted music on YouTube is totally different! 

If you infringe copyrights, the owner can request YouTube to take the following actions-

●    Mute the sound while the song plays
●    Run ads on your videos that generate revenue for the copyright holder
●    Remove your video
●    Access analytics on your video

In worst cases, you might even face legal proceedings and fines. 

How to Not Get Copyrighted Claims

how to not get copyrighted for music on YouTube

YouTube tracks copyright by using a unique content ID. This scans YouTube for content that matches the copyrighted music. If the copyright holder doesn't have a content ID, he won't be able to track your video.

In that case, YouTube will not be able to take any action. However, the copyright owner can still bring legal proceedings. 

Owners can also submit copyright information directly to YouTube. Any infringement can result in your videos being removed. 

How to Copyright a Song for Free: Ways that Don't Work

YouTube makes it clear that certain actions don't mean automatic compliance with copyright rules. You can't negate copyright by-

●    Citing credit to the owner
●    Using the song for non-commercial motives
●    Including songs you bought from other platforms
●    Using self-recorded audio or video of the original song
●    Mentioning you don't own the song permission

You will need to get permission to use any song created by other artists in legal terms. However, you might not always be penalized for doing otherwise. 

Licenses You Need for Copyrighted Music

Can you use copyrighted music on YouTube?

Yes, you can! But you need to get the required permissions to do so.
A music piece or song generally has two parts- the artists and the recording label. When it comes to copyrighted songs, we come down to 2 types of licenses-

Sync License

You can get a sync license to recreate the original music or record a cover version of the copyrighted song. You can't use the original recorded track. 

Master License

You can use the original track made by the artists directly in your video. 

Having both licenses makes you free to use any songs on YouTube legally. 

How to Contact Copyright Owner for Permission

Get song permission for copyrighted music

You may be able to contact details of the recording label or the music publisher online or in yellow pages. But finding copyright owners for some songs may be a bit challenging. For them, you can take the help of music rights organizations. 

These organizations can help you find contact details and even give out licenses. Some of the organizations you can contact are-


Once you find the contact details, shoot a mail to the copyright owner. Mention why and how you want to use the song in your videos. Ask them to sign and send a copy of the letter back to you.

You might also need to pay license and usage fees. 

YouTube Copyrighted Music FAQ

1. How much does it cost to copyright a song?
The copyright owner decides the usage charges.

2. How much of a song can you use?
You can use the full song in you have permission.

3. How to tell if a song is copyrighted?
You can search the internet for information.

4. How much does it cost to license a song?
You need to contact the publishers for cost details.

5. How to use copyrighted music on YouTube legally 2018?
Take due permission.

6. How to avoid copyright infringement on YouTube?
Take due permission. 

7. How to not get copyrighted for music on YouTube?
Use public domain or CC songs. 

8. How many seconds of a song can you use on YouTube?
You can use full songs with permission.

9. How to use copyrighted music on Facebook?
Use our tips above. 

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