YouTube Vs. Instagram: The Best Platform for Promoting Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Influencer marketing has grown into a big business. Brands from all around the world are promoting their products and services using the reach and influence of social media celebrities. That is certainly good news for the influencers, who are earning millions each year. 

Any influencer or marketer needs to use the right platform based on several factors for marketing. YouTube and Instagram have emerged as the top two platforms ideal for influencer marketing. But which is more effective? Where can you reach more audience? YouTube, Instagram - which can earn you more money?

As we said, there are several factors you need to consider if you are an influencer or looking to promote your product through influencers. Only then will you be able to choose the right platform for your needs. Today, we will do a YouTube vs. Instagram comparison, so that you know which is the best for influencer marketing.

We will start with a few words on Insta YouTube platforms. 


YouTube is the second-most trafficked site and second-most popular search engine in the world. It has over 2 billion logged-in monthly users who upload more than 500-hours of content every minute. YouTube is owned by Google, and best if you want to take advantage of video marketing. 
Here's a cool infographic with all you need to know about YouTube-

Benefits of YouTube infographic


Instagram is a picture-based social media owned by Facebook. The platform is perfect for engaging your audience and create your influence. In fact, it's the second-most engaging social media platform after Instagram.
Insta has over 1 billion active monthly users, out of which 500 million access the site every day. Users on Instagram also follow more brands, take more action, and convert better than other channels. 

Here are some more Instagram facts you should know about-

Benefits of Instagram infographic

Instagram is more engaging, and more brands use the platform. The influencer marketing has also reached $ 1 billion, with 14.5 million sponsored posts. But does that make Insta better than YouTube for influencer marketing?

We will explore the benefits of both platforms so that you can make an informed decision. 

Benefits of YouTube for Influencer Marketing

YouTube is best for influencers who want to take advantage of videos. You can create detailed product guides, reviews, and tutorials to influence your audience. The other benefits of YouTube include-

Broader Exposure

YouTube is available in over 90 countries in more than 80 languages. You can target a larger audience and even go for local targeting. 

Google Rankings

YouTube videos show up in Google search results. As a result, you can rank your videos and make them reach a broader audience. Influencers can use various marketing strategies and target keywords for higher traffic. 

YouTube Google search

Permanent Results

Affiliate and product links in Instagram stories disappear after a certain time. On the contrary, links on YouTube video descriptions stay permanently and keep on generating business. 

Extended Marketing

People can always embed your YouTube videos on their websites and blogs. This gives you more exposure and popularity without the extra work. 

Monetize Videos

You can easily monetize your YouTube channel and videos for extra income. Your content will keep generating views and money once you get yourself some popularity. 

Viral Marketing

YouTube influencer marketing can take advantage of viral videos to grow popularity and promote products. Videos are more visual than images and create more impact on your audience.

Now, let's explore the benefits of Instagram.

Benefits of Instagram for Influencer Marketing

Instagram images resonate better with viewers as they can personally connect to them. It's also great for brands and can work effectively for influencer marketers. Here are the benefits-

Young Demographics

71% of the 1 billion users on Instagram are under the age of 35. Maybe that's why 71% US businesses use Instagram!
If you are looking for a highly-engaged young demographics, Insta can fit your bill.

Create a Positive Impression

83% users on Instagram use the platform to discover new products and services. According to a study, brands can generate a positive image with potential buyers just by being on Instagram. 

Influencers can also expect to get more followers, as 50% Insta users follow a minimum of one brand!

Make Assured Conversions

Some influencer marketing campaigns earn you extra dollars when you make a sale. Instagram can be the perfect place to score more sales. Why?

A whopping 80% Instagram users make purchasing decisions based on content they saw on the platform. Also, over 1/3 of them use Insta to purchase a product.

Advanced Targeting Options

Instagram now has advanced and narrow targeting options after Facebook acquired the platform. You can target audiences down to minute details and also take advantage of purchasing intent.

Higher Engagement

Instagram is more engaging than YouTube. People spend more time on Instagram than YouTube. It can also give you more return customers. 
Take Advantage of User Generated Content

You can use photos posted by your viewers for your own influencer marketing purposes. Your customers can upload pictures using your hashtag, and you can use them to showcase your product. 

Here's an example how AirBnB uses user generated content to promote themselves-

Airbnb Instagram account

Including user pictures also delights your audience and helps them connect personally with the brand. 

As it turns out, both Instagram and YouTube have unique advantages for influencer marketing. But which one should you choose? Let's find out in our Instagram vs. YouTube selection guide in the next section. 

YouTube Vs. Instagram: Which one to Choose

Your goals and objectives will determine whether you should use influencer marketing YouTube or Instagram. Here are some considerations to help you out.

1.    Demographics

You have seen that Instagram users are mostly under 35. So if you are targeting a young demographic, Insta can be the answer. YouTube has varied demographics and is best for targeting adult demographics and kids.

2.    Target Market

If you want to target local customers, YouTube may be suitable, simply because it's present in 91 countries. The platform is also ideal for targeting local audiences in their language. 

Instagram has a lesser reach than YouTube, but makes up in its engagement rate!

3.    Level of Exposure

YouTube can give your campaign more exposure if you know how to take advantage of keywords. Your videos can show up on Google searches and attract extra viewers outside YouTube. 

Instagram posts don't have this advantage. You can only reach users on Instagram. 

4.    Cost of Content Creation

Creating content is cheaper and easier on Instagram. You can just use your smartphone to take pics, edit them, and upload in your Insta account. 
Creating videos on YouTube is costly and time-consuming. You need at least-

●    A good smartphone or camera
●    Microphone
●    Video editing software
●    Lighting equipment
●    Shooting accessories

So, count on the work needed before choosing a platform. 

5.    Campaign Impact 

Instagram is suitable for campaigns where you need to generate quick interest and engagement. YouTube is better for campaigns that grow over time and need to pull in consistent results. 

6.    Nature of Campaign

The very nature of YouTube makes it suitable for campaigns that require sharing of detailed information. You can create product reviews, tutorials, walkthroughs, how-to videos, and more to educate your audience and build awareness. 

Instagram is best for campaigns that mostly depend on images and visuals to draw attention. 

7.    Traffic Generation

Some influencer marketing campaigns need to drive traffic to a landing page or website. If your campaign needs extra traffic, YouTube videos are the way to go. You can share and embed videos across a number of channels and generate considerable traffic. 

Comparatively, it's more difficult to generate traffic through Instagram posts. Even if your stories contain links, people may be too lazy to check out your page.

8.    Lifestyle or Entertainment?

Instagram is where people show a side of their lives and how they spend their time. As a result, it's great for campaigns that hover around lifestyle and related stuff. It's also easy to carve a unique place for yourself on Instagram and stand out from the rest.

YouTube, as we said earlier, is suited for complex content. You can get more creative, entertain your audience, and attract more concentration. But it's hard work and takes considerable effort. 

That's it for the considerations you need to weigh before choosing your influencer marketing platform. Go through each consideration, determine what you need, and then make the final decision.

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